Electrodeposition of functional layers, structures

Electrodeposition of layers and structures ranging from the macro to the nano scale is a widespread and cost efficient process in the industry. Our focus is on a new and prospective method called –Magnetoelectrochemistry- where magnetic fields and electric fields are superimposed. That increases the deposition rate, changes morphology and structure, enables mask-free structuring of deposits and may improve the efficiency of water electrolysis. Nano-scaled layers, multilayers and structures with special magnetic properties are very attractive and  their synthesis is fundamentally studied to use them as magnetic field gradient template, e.g. as actuator or microfluidic application. Electrodeposition of magnetic materials in ordered alumina templates with high aspect ratio is one key aspect of our research which is conducted in cooperation with other groups of the IFW (IMW, Dr. Heike Schlörb, electrodeposition)

Recent investigations


Dr. Margitta Uhlemann

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