Physical Properties

Quantum Design PPMS

Temperature range: 1.9K - 400K

Magnetic field: ±9 T


  • Heat Capacity, also in-field measurements are possible to determine magnetocaloric properties (adiabatic temperature change)
  • AC-Transport and DC Resistivity, 4-Point spring-loaded measurement pucks are availible
  • VSM and VSM-Oven (T = 300 - 1000 K)
  • Thermal Transport, also in-field measurements


Quantum Design MPMS-XL

Temperature range: 1.9K - 400 K

Magnetic field: ±7 T

Resolution: <1 x 10-8 emu to 250 mT

                 <6 x 10-7 emu to 7 T


  • AC and DC measurements possible (magnetisation and susceptibility)
  • DC-Oven option (T-range = 300 - 800 K)


GE Phoenix Nanotom M

X-ray absorbtion CT is a non-destructive imaging method to analyze the inner constitution of solid objects and allows to distinguish between different phases (including defects and pores) due to their different absorbtion properties.

  • 180kV Tungsten X-ray tube with macro- and nanofocus mode (for smaller focal spot sizes and higher resolutions)
  • Al- and Cu-Filter (0.2 to 1 mm)
  • 2D amorphous silicon flat panel detector (DXR500L), 3070x2400 pixel (100µm pixel pitch), CsI scintillator, 500 ms minimum exposer time
  • Magnification (geometric-optical) up to 300x
  • Voxelsize up to 500 nm (commonly 2 – 6 µm)
  • Sample size (diameter): up to 5 mm Fe-based, up to 20 mm Al-based
  • Resolution max. 1 mm
  • Scanmodi: Sectionscan, Fastscan, Singlescan, Multiscan
  • Software: GE datos Acquisition 2.0, GE datos Reconstruction 2.0 (with beam hardening correction algorithm), Visual Studio VG Studio max 2.2, FEI AvizoFire 8.1 & 9


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Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Funk

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