Equipment available at Dept. Micro- and Nanostructures

Electron and Ion Microscopy / Film Analysis


Materials Preparation and Film Deposition


Testing of Microelectronic Devices

  • Electromigration and SAW-acoustomigration lifetime testing
  • Measuring systems for electric layer resistance and TCR
  • Thermo-mechanical cycling with precise stress determination (Wafer Curvature)


Specimen Preparation


Data Analysis and Modelling

  • Analysis of Microstructures
  • 3D-Reconstruction
  • COMSOL - Multiphysics
  • Programming systems:

  • Materials Properties Database 
  • Software for image simulation and analysis in electron microscopy

    • ELDISCA: Windows(TM) based software for evaluation of (point and ring) diffraction patterns.
    • Simulation of electron microscopic images and spectra: Java-EMS, Fortran/C-EMS (P. Stadelmann/EPFL), IdealMicroscope (EMLab Software), FEFF8 (University of Washington)
    • Image analysis: DigitalMicrograph (Gatan), IDIM (Iterative Digital Image Matching) for the analysis of HRTEM images
    • Exit-wave-reconstruction: TrueImage (FEI Company)
    • Construction and visualization of crystal structures: CrystalKit (Total Resolution) for interfaces, CrystalMaker (CrystalMaker Software) for crystals

  • ARXPS Analysis and Simulation
  • pca_men: Matlab® based package of routines for factor analysis of electron spectra (AES, XPS, EELS).
    Download of a manual is possible here (hitherto German version only: Handbuch Deutsch).


Surface Analysis