Clustertool CARMEN

CARMEN is a Clustertool for Advanced Research on Thin Film Materials for Electroacoustic Nonconventional Devices

The deposition machine CARMEN is a versatile tool for various deposition techniques.

Description of the tool:

Chamber in the middle = handler for transfer and with three measurement stages (optical layer thickness, electrical sheet resistance method in construction)

Chamber 1 = load lock with hot carrier system (heating in all chambers except chamber 6)

Chamber 2 = ion beam pretreatment (Mark I+ Kaufman-type ion source) for surface preclean and etch applications with high-current, low-energy ions

Chamber 3 = DC magnetron co-sputtering of metallizations (Cu, Al, Ag, Ti, W, Co, Fe, Ni, Zr)

Chamber 4 = HF magnetron sputtering (reactive) of metallizations and barriers (Ti, Ru, Ta5Si3, TaSiN)

Chamber 5 = HF magnetron sputtering (reactive) of insulators (SAW-grade SiO2)

Chamber 6 = e-beam evaporation (Cu, Al, Ag, Au, Ti) and in situ stress measurement (confocal position method in construction)

  • base pressure 10-6 mbar down to low 10-7 mbar
  • dry vacuum system (roots and turbo molecular pumps)
  • controlled carrier heating RT to 500°C and cooling (ramps 2 to 20 K/min)
  • computer controlled processing and monitoring
  • inspection/process flow via Internet
Schematics of the tool
View into the lab