FIB Crossbeam 1540 XB

Focussed Ion Beam Microscope (FIB)

The Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) technology (FIB Crossbeam 1540 XB, Zeiss) is used for investigations in materials research or microelectronics, esp. for high contrast imaging of thin film microstructure using the channeling effect, cross section preparation, failure analysis, microstructuring, or thin film device modification. Using a focussed Gallium ion beam, it can precisely remove or deposit material at the sample surface on a submicron scale as well as image the sample surface or cross-section producing high quality contrast images with high magnifications.

The principle of operation is illustrated in the following image:



Scheme of 2-beam FIB (Modified from S. Menzel et al. Acta Metal. Slov. 10 (2004) 692)

And the FIB in our lab looks like this: