XPS System - PHI 5600-CI (Physical Electronics)

The XPS system enables quantitative element analysis at surfaces of solid materials by spectroscopy of emitted photo electrons and gives information on the chemical states by analysis of peak-shifts or peak-shape changes.

System characteristics:

  • excitation by Al-Ka (1586.6 eV) or Mg-Ka (1253,6 eV) X-rays, monochromatized Al-Ka, or He-UV-radiation
  • electron analysis with a 150 mm diameter hemisperical energy analyzer with 16-channel multi-channelplate detector, pass energy from 2.9 to 175 eV, best energy resolution at Ag3d = 0.8 eV
  • local analysis (best in the region of 100 µm) by a special lens-system, automatic map- and line-scan-analysis by a scanning system up to 2 mm * 2 mm, typical analysis region of 800 µm diameter
  • sample holder 1 and 2 inch, computer-controlled sample tilt for automatic angle-resolved measurements
  • sputtering with a SPECS IQ 12-38 ion gun typically by noble gas ions (e.g. Ar+) for surface cleaning and depth profiling, 2 mm * 2 mm scan region, 1 ... 4 nm / min sputtering rate
  • low energy electron flood gun for charge compensation
  • UHV vacuum system with a combination of Ti ion getter and an Ti sublimation pump, base pressure 10-8 Pa (10-10 Torr), fast load lock pumped with a turbomolecular pump, sample transfer between XPS and AES (and with glove box) without air exposure (p < 10-5 Pa) possible
  • UHV-coupling with 2 preparation chambers (heating, evaporation, scraping, sputter deposition)