XRF Fischerscope XUV 773 X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscope

Our X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Fischerscope XUV 773 provides fast and accurate measurement of thin film thickness (nanometer to micormeter range) and chemical composition for elements from Sodium (11) to Uranium (92).

The features of the Fischerscope XUV 773 are:

  • Vacuum chamber
  • Specimen size up to 100 mm x 100 mm, thickness 80mm
  • Programmable x/y/z specimen stage
  • X-Ray source: Rh-tube (8-50 kV, six primary filters)
  • Lateral resultion 0.15 mm to 3 mm (4 motorized apertures)
  • Energy resolution < 140 eV (silicium drift detector)
  • Simultanous analysis of 24 parameters (elements and thickness)

The actual device in our lab: