Carbon Nanotubes II

Ceramic Catalyst Synthesis

TEM images of the carbon nanostructures synthesized in the CVD experiments from the SiC particles: (a) overview image, (b) carbon nanostructure capped tip, (c) carbon nanostructure open end, (d) branch on a nanofiber, (e) junction, (f) branch with SiC particle residing at the junction. Inset: FFT of the cubic SiC particle (200). (g) SiC particle at the root of a carbon nanofiber, (h) higher magnification of the cubic SiC particle in panel g. Inset: FFT of cubic SiC particle (100).

Transmission and scanning electron micrographs providing overviews of the products. (a) TEM showing a few carbon nanofibers and sheets of amorphous carbon produced using a pure ethanol feedstock. (b) Higher magnification TEM providing greater detail on the amorphous carbon sheets. Upper inset: FFT showing rings due to amorphous carbon. Graphitic humps are embedded within as highlighted by the lower inset and show two spots from graphitic carbon. The spots correspond to an interlayer spacing of 3.6 Å. (c) SEM image from a sample prepared using a pristine quartz substrate and an ethanol/triethyl borate mixture as the feedstock. (d and e) TEM and SEM images,

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