TEM images of a MgO crystal coated in graphene layers. Graphene layers are highlighted in image B. (i) Graphene layer roots on the MgO crystal. (ii) Wrinkle formation due to growth process.

Example of an etch track in graphite (a) with 45° degree angles; (b) visualization of the 45° angle in graphite.

Direct determination of etch direction from HRTEM: (a) HRTEM micrograph of Co particle at the track front; (b) Fourier enhanced TEM micrograph of the marked area in (a); (c) reconstructed image of the marked area in (b) produced by using a mask applied to the 2-D fast Fourier transform of the image; (d) Schematic view of the graphite lattice defi ning the graphite unit cell (yellow), the crystallographic directions and the zigzag and armchair edges. (Details of the carbon hydrogenation process: 775 °C, 5 min in 60 mbar H2, plus 5 min in vacuum).

(a) HRTEM image of the Moire pattern produced in a bilayer structure. (b) Structural representation of two graphene layers with 30° rotation. (c) Overlay of the structural representation in panel b with the HRTEM image in panel a, showing excellent agreement with the areas of contrast. (d) Schematic diagram illustrating two graphene layers with 30° rotation added together to produce a superstructure. (e) HRTEM image of the superstructure illustrated in panel d. (f) HRTEM image simulation of the superstructure illustrated in panel d and imaged in panel e showing excellent agreement.

(in collaboration with University of Oxford)

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