In situ TEM observation of material ejection from a SWNT.

In situ study showing the dynamics of a SCC bridging two SWNTs inside a host tube. (in collaboration with Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester Stoffe and Technische Universität Dresden)

Comparison of original and simulation of a TEM image of the SWNT/SCC molecular junction using molecular models. (a) Fourier filtered TEM image, (b) Fourier filtered output of a multi-slice simulation of the imaging process, (c) ball-and-stick illustration of the underlying molecular model for the simulation, and (d) of the inner part of the model to highlight the single carbon chain. (in collaboration with Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester Stoffe and Technische Universität Dresden)

Twenty picoseconds of classical MD trajectory of the buckled SWNT. (in collaboration with Technische Universität Dresden)

(a–d) Time-sequence HRTEM images capturing the motion of a C60 molecule around a buckle bend on the surface of a DWNT. (i–iv) Schematic representation of the observed hybrid molecular structure dynamics. (in collaboration with Technische Universität Dresden)

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