Synthesis of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Laser Evaporation

The identification of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) can certainly be considered as one of the most significant stimulants for research in to nanostructures. This is due to their remarkable electronic and mechanical properties. In turn, this has led to a strong demand of SWCNTs for research and commercial applications. In addition, there is a need to clearly understand the growth mechanisms so as to have control over the electronic properties of SWCNT.

We have several laser ablation systems available to us through our own facilities and jointly with the Technical University Dresden.

Schematic of a laser ablation reactor:

TEM image of SWCNT bundle synthesized with a Ni-Co binary catalyst at 1200C

Areas of interest:

  • Analysis of the production conditions by laser ablation:
    SWCNT yield, mean diameter and diameter distribution as function of temperature, gas, pressure, catalyst particles, laser pulse etc.
  • Studies on the growth mechanisms:

TEM images of SWCNT bundles synthesized with metal oxide catalysts at low temperature:

a) MgO catalyst at 500C
b) PbO2 catalyst at room temperature
c) In2O3 catalyst at room temperature.
  • Special SWCNT: e.g. 13C doped SWCNT for NMR studies:
Relative downshift of the G mode Raman spectra as a function of 13C enrichment. Vertical dotted line indicates the non-shifting G mode.
  • Development of a CO2 CW laser ablation system.

Selected Papers:

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