Devices and techniques

Mobile Electromagnetic Levitator

  • Containerless processing in high-purity environment
  • Thermal analysis by an infrared pyrometer
  • Nucleation and crystal growth velocity measurements by video imaging
  • Microstructure development upon solidification from different undercooling levels
  • In situ XRD structural studies using high-energy synchrotron radiation

Technical characteristics

  • Vacuum up to 10-8 mbar
  • High purity gas atmosphere: Ar, He, He/H2
  • Controlled sample cooling by an inert gas jet
  • Carousel sample changer and manipulator
  • Laser heating: decoupling of the positioning and temperature control; possibility to process semiconductors
  • Cold trap: additional purification of the sample
  • High-speed high-resolution video camera (up to 180 000 fps)

High-temperature viscometry

Measurement of dynamic viscosity of liquid metals with oscillating-cup method

Technical characteristics

  • Temperature up to 1250°C
  • Pressure in the viscometer chamber: 10-6 mbar
  • Crucibles: alumina, boron nitride, graphite, quartz glass 


"Sessile drop" device

  • surface tension of liquids
  • density of liquids
  • wetting behavior (contact angle)
  • reactivity and phase formation at liquid/solid interfaces

Technical characteristics

  • Temperature up to 1250°C
  • Molybdenum wire heater
  • Vacuum up 10-5 mbar
  • Sessile drop visualization through computer-controlled video system 


High-temperature tensiometry

Measurements by tensiometric technique:

  • surface tension and density of liquids
  • liquid-liquid interfacial tension
  • contact angle at the solid-liquid-liquid triple line

Technical characteristics

  • Temperature up to 1050°C
  • Molybdenum wire heater
  • Vacuum up 10-6 mbar or inert gas atmosphere


X-ray diffraction

  • PANalytical X´Pert Pro (Co-radiation)
  • PANalytical X´Pert PRO MRD (Cu-radiation)
  • XRD 2183 (Co-radiation)
  • XRD 3290 (Co-radiation)


Hitachi 1000 tabletop SEM

Express microstructure analysis

Technical characteristics:

  • Magnification up to 10.000
  • Chamber pressure 4 mbar or 40 mbar
  • Designed also for low-conductive and biological samples
  • EDX analysis module installed

Research group

Solidification Processes and Complex Structures

Group leader

Dr. Ivan Kaban

Phone: +49 351 4659 252
Email:  i.kaban(@t)