Metallic biomaterials and light-weight alloys

Our research involves design, fabrication and characterization of novel light-weight alloys with particular emphasis on titanium-based materials. We actively explore new metallic materials for biomedical applications. The primary research interest lies in understanding structure-processing-property relationships of Ti-based materials (e.g. β-type, martensitic, nanostructured, glassy/amorphous and composite-type alloys). Materials are produced via melt metallurgy by rapid quenching and controlled casting or as porous bodies via powder processing comprising sintering of mechanically alloyed powders or by additive manufacturing (selective laser melting). Research activities are underpinned by excellent facilities and expertise in the characterisation of materials over a full range of length scales. We strongly collaborate with the Alloy Design and Processing and the Chemistry of Functional Materials departments in an interdisciplinary and team-oriented spirit.


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Solidification Processes and Complex Structures

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Calin

Phone:  +49 351 4659 613
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