Metallic biomaterials and light-weight alloys

Our group conducts basic research on light-weight metallic materials, specifically titanium-based alloys, considering their synthesis and processing, characterization and properties, as well as their use in biomedical and structural applications. The primary research interest lies in understanding the phase transformations and mechanical behavior of metastable Titanium-based materials (β-type, martensitic, nanostructured, glassy and composite-type alloys). These materials are produced via melt metallurgy by rapid quenching and controlled casting or as porous bodies via powder processing comprising sintering of mechanically alloyed powders or selective laser melting.

In case of biomedical applications, the strategy is to yield the required mechanical properties like low stiffness and high fracture and fatigue strength by tailoring those microstructures and sample architectures with controlling the process conditions and materials compositions. A deeper understanding of those microstructure-property relationships requires the detailed clarification of the underlying phase formation and transformation processes. Research activities are underpinned by excellent facilities and expertise in the characterisation of materials over a full range of length scales. We strongly collaborate with the Alloy Design and Processing and the Chemistry of Functional Materials departments in an interdisciplinary and team-oriented spirit.


Current research activities

Titanium alloys are privileged in a sense that a wide spectrum of microstructures is achievable depending on the alloy chemistry and thermo-mechanical processing. Novel titanium-based materials are developed and studied for their use in biomedical and structural applications.

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Solidification Processes and Complex Structures

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Calin

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