Projects of the Metallic Biomaterials group

Our scientists collaborate closely with many internationally leading laboratories and industrial partners. We are actively engaged in large projects, characterized by a highly interdisciplinary approach including close interfacing between experiment and theory.

Large-scaled and networking projects

  • Vitrified Metals Technologies and Applications in Devices and Chemistry – VitriMetTech
    EC FP7 Marie-Curie Initial Training Network; 09.2013 – 08.2017
  • Academic-Industrial Initial Training Network on Innovative Biocompatible Titanium-base Structures for Orthopaedics – BioTiNet
    EC FP7 Marie-Curie Initial Training Network; 01.2011 – 12.2014
  • Marie Curie Host Fellowships for Transfer of Knowledge Intensive Program for Transfer of Knowledge to Eastern European Reference Pole for Micro- and Nanotechnologies – ToK-MINATEC-EST
    EC FP6; 2005–2008
  • Improving the gender diversity management in materials research institutions – DIVERSITY
    EC FP7 Science and Society – Support Action ; 01.2009 – 12.2011
  • Strengthening the role of women scientists in Nano-Science – WomenInNano (booklet, video)
    EC FP6 Science and Society – Support Action; 10.2005 – 04.2008

Small-scaled international projects

  • New Ti-based amorphous alloys for biomedical applications
    DAAD-Vigoni joint research project with Italy; IFW Dresden – Università di Torino; 01.2010–12.2012
  • Plastic deformation mechanism of metallic glasses and composites
    DAAD-PPP joint research project with China: IFW Dresden – Chinese Academy of Science / Institute of Metal Research – Shenyang; 01.2010 – 12.2012
  • Inter-institutional agreement HIGHER EDUCATION – ERASMUS Program:
    TU Dresden (Germany) – University Politehnica of Bucharest (Romania); 10.2007 – 09.2010; 10.2010 – 09.2013; 09.2014 – 09.2021
  • Inter-institutional agreement HIGHER EDUCATION – ERASMUS Program:
    TU Dresden (Germany) – “Politehnica” University of Timisoara (Romania); 09.2014 – 09.2021
  • Bulk amorphous and nanostructured light-weight metallic materials with improved mechanical properties
    Project financed by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: Joint research project IFW Dresden (Germany) – University Politehnica of Bucharest (Romania); 04.2003 – 03.2008

Research group

Solidification Processes and Complex Structures

Contact person

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Calin

Phone:  +49 351 4659 613
Email: m.calin(@t)