Solid-state synthesized metastable materials

Our work is focused on the solid-state synthesis and characterization of metastable materials. These include nanostructured and metallic glass powders produced by mechanical alloying and milling, metal matrix composites reinforced with metallic glasses, quasicrystals and complex intermetallics, and bulk nanostructured and ultrafine grained materials from consolidation and crystallization of amorphous precursors. Processing parameters leading to different degrees of matastability are investigated systematically with a particular focus on phase formation, structure and related defects, and physical and mechanical properties. The thermal stability of the materials, which is a critical aspect for any application of metastable phases, and the correlation between microstructural features and properties are also assessed.


Current research activities

  • Mechanical alloying and milling

Research group

Solidification Processes and Complex Structures

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Dr. Sergio Scudino

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