MMCs reinforced with metallic glasses

Metal matrix composites (MMCs) show a large potential for the development of novel lightweight high-performance materials. In addition, they offer the possibility to tailor their properties to meet specific requirements, which renders this type of materials quite unique in comparison to conventional unreinforced materials.

In our work, we focus on MMCs reinforced with particulate metallic phases, including metallic glasses, complex metallic alloys (CMA, intermetallic compounds with large unit cells) and quasicrystals. We synthesize the discontinuously-reinforced MMCs by powder metallurgy (P/M). The main advantage of P/M over other methods, such as liquid phase processing, is the microstructure control of the phases (e.g. volume fraction, size and morphology of matrix and reinforcement) that is virtually absent from the liquid phase route. In addition, the relatively low processing temperature of P/M helps to control possible interfacial reactions between matrix and reinforcement.

Research group

Solidification Processes and Complex Structures

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Dr. Sergio Scudino

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