Metastable and Nanostructured Materials

Transmission Electron Microscopy

For the characterization of the structure of a nanoscopic object such as a nanoparticle the use of microscopic tools with unrivaled resolution and precision is mandatory. Modern aberration-corrected high-resolution transmission electron microscopes (HRTEM) are particularly well suited for these tasks. The suppression of (visible) delocalization effects in the image that goes along with the correction of lens aberrations by means of so-called CS correctors not only allows for unprecedented resolution, but it also and in particular allows for a much better quantitative analysis of the distribution of recorded intensities across the image. Besides a much more reliable "intuitive" interpretation of HRTEM images at spatial frequencies up to the information limit this paves the ground to measuring not only the position of atomics but also the number of scatterers within an atomic column. An impression on the power of modern electron microscopes can be found here.

Besides the use of electron microscopy as a precision measuring tool in order to resolve structures and structural details, we are also dedicated to developing methods for practical HRTEM work. Here, particular foci lie on the following topics:

  • Peculiarities in the imaging of 3D nano objects: FePt and Au nanoparticles

    • Single-shot imaging.
    • Imaging surfaces.

  • Studying kinetic phenomena in an electron microscope: Au, Pt, MgH2

  • 3D sample reconstructions.

    • Argand analyses and their limitations.

A description of our HRTEM instrumentation can be found here.


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