Electric Field Control of Magnetism

Electric control of magnetism is a vision which drives intense research on magnetic semiconductors and multiferroics. Recently, also ultrathin metallic films were reported to show magnetoelectric effects at room temperature.

Our group works on electric field induced changes of magnetism in ultrathin FePt (CoPt) and composite FePt/Fe-O (CoPt/Co-O) films. The electric field is applied by an electrolyte. This allows to take advantage of double layer charging, ad-and desorption reactions, and electrochemical reactions to control the magnetism at the surface. 

The magnetic properties of our ultrathin (ca. 2 nm) films are measured by the anomalous Hall effect, which is very surface sensitive. We designed and constructed a unique in-situ electrochemical Hall cell that allows to measure changes in magnetism during charging in an electrolyte.

We achieved strong effects on saturation magnetization, coercivity, and anisotropy by exploiting reversible reduction/oxidation reactions. For an FePt/iron oxide composite film a field induced switching between an exchange coupled state and a non-exchange coupled state was achieved. The principle can be transferred to various metal/oxide combinations and represents a novel approach towards multifunctionality.

Our work also includes the investigation of magnetism at the first stages of electrodeposition of magnetic elements and alloys.

This work is funded by the DFG by the Eigene Stelle "Kontrolle der magnetischen Eigenschaften ultradünner metallischer Schichten durch ein elektrisches Feld in einem Elektrolyten" (LE2558/1-1).

We are always open for collaborations and we offer student jobs. Please do not hesitate to contact me!




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Group Members

  • Sabine Neitsch
  • Kenny Duschek
  • Liu Yang
  • Jonas Zehner

Former Group Members

  • Juliane Wunderwald
  • Norman Lange
  • Luwig Reichel
  • Christian Kozalla