Fe based superconducting thin films

Since the discovery of superconductivity in LaFePO by Kamihara et al. in 2006 a large number of Fe-based compounds were found showing transition temperatures of up to about 56 K in bulk form. These materials show a very interesting combination of properties, bridging the range between MgB2 and the high-Tc cuprate superconductors. In particular, they have a layered crystal structure and equally short coherence lengths like the cuprates, leading to similar grain boundary effects, and they are multiband superconductors like MgB2.

Soon after their discovery, our group started with the deposition of epitaxial thin films of Fe-based superconductors on single crystalline substrates using pulsed laser deposition (PLD). The grown films were used to study fundamental properties of these materials such as grain boundary limitations, anisotropies, strain influences and scaling laws. Simultaneously, application relevant characteristics as the flux pinning were investigated in order to test the application potential of Fe based superconductors. In the last years we mainly focused on the growth of materials with the so-called 122 (i.e. doped BaFe2As2) and 11 (i.e. FeSe1-xTex) structure by PLD. Additionally, we studied films of the 1111-family (i.e. NdFeAsO1-xFx or SmFeAsO1-xFx) grown by molecular beam epitaxy in cooperation with project partners.

Recent Publications

K. Iida, V. Grinenko, F. Kurth, A. Ichinose, I. Tsukada, E. Ahrens, A. Pukenas, P. Chekhonin, W. Skrotzki, A. Teresiak, R. Hühne, S. Aswartham, S. Wurmehl, I. Mönch, M. Erbe, J. Hänisch, B. Holzapfel, S.-L. Drechsler, D. Efremov
Hall-plot of the phase diagram for Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2
Sci. Reports 6 (2016) 28390.

J. Hänisch, K. Iida, F. Kurth, E. Reich, C. Tarantini, J. Jaroszynski, T. Förster, G. Fuchs, R. Hühne, V. Grinenko, L. Schultz, B. Holzapfel
High field superconducting properties of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 thin films
Sci. Reports 5 (2015) 17363.

S. Molatta, S. Haindl, S. Trommler, M. Schulze, S. Wurmehl, R. Hühne
Interface control by homoepitaxial growth in pulsed laser deposited iron chalcogenide thin films
Sci. Reports 5 (2015) 16334.

F.F. Yuan, K. Iida, M. Langer, J. Hänisch, A. Ichinose, I. Tsukada, A. Sala, M. Putti, R. Hühne, L. Schultz, Z.X. Shi
Influence of substrate type on transport properties of superconducting FeSe0.5Te0.5 thin films
Supercond. Sci. Technol. 28 (2015) 065005.

F. Kurth, C. Tarantini, V. Grinenko, J. Hänisch, J. Jaroszynski, E. Reich, Y. Mori, A. Sakagami, T. Kawaguchi, J. Engelmann, L. Schultz, B. Holzapfel, H. Ikuta, R. Hühne, K. Iida
Unusually high critical current of clean P-doped BaFe2As2 single crystalline thin film
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106 (2015) 072602

S. Trommler, S. Molatta, J. Hänisch, K. Iida, L. Schultz, R. Hühne
Strain dependence of critical fields – studied on piezoelectric substrates
IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 25 (2015) 8400404.

J. Engelmann, V. Grinenko, P. Chekhonin, W. Skrotzki, D.V. Efremov, S. Oswald, K. Iida, R. Hühne, J. Hänisch, M. Hoffmann, F. Kurth, L. Schultz, B. Holzapfel
Strain induced superconductivity in the parent compound BaFe2As2
Nature Comm. 4 (2013) 3877

F. Kurth, E. Reich, J. Hänisch, A. Ichinose, I. Tsukuda, R. Hühne, S. Trommler, J. Engelmann, L. Schultz, B. Holzapfel, K. Iida
Versatile fluoride substrates for Fe-based superconducting thin films
Appl. Phys. Lett.102 (2013) 142601




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