SupraTrans II

The large scale test facility "SupraTrans II" was inaugurated in 2011 at the IFW research location in Dresden-Niedersedlitz. The unit is used to test vehicles and track components of a superconducting magnetic levitation system for future passenger or cargo transport applications under practical conditions. The principle of this transport system is simple and based on high temperature superconductor bulks levitating inherently stable above a magnetic track.



Levitation vehicle SupraTrans II

SupraTrans II is a research investment of the Leibniz-Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden - IFW Dresden - realized on the basis of the "Zukunftsinvestitionsgesetz – ZuInvG" with funding from the Federal Government and the Free State of Saxony. The SupraTrans II test facility was developed by evico GmbH as system supplier in cooperation with other regional partners.


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