Test Drive Facility SupraTrans II

The test drive facility SupraTrans II is located at the IFW research location Dresden-Niedersedlitz in a formerly assembly hall of the VEM-Sachsenwerk used for production of tram motors.


Test Drive Facility at sachs.ona business park Dresden

Interior view of the Test Drive Facility

The facility consists of following components, necessary for practical operation of the transportation system:

  • Vehicle
  • Track (straight, bend)
  • Driveway branch (Turnout switch)
  • Propulsion drive
  • Energy supply
  • Control system


Characteristics of the Test Drive Facility

Gauge of the track 1000 mm
Track length80 m
Average bending radius6,5 m
Effective air gap below cryostat10 mm
Length2500 mm
Width1200 mm
Mass with rated payload (2 persons)600 mm
Superconducting materialYBCO
Rated propulsion power3,4 kW
Rated thrust 600 N
Rated acceleration 1 m/s²


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Research Group Info

Dr. Ruben Hühne

Phone: +49-351-4659-716
Fax: +49-351-4659-9716
Email: r.huehne@ifw-dresden.de