Epitaxial growth of RECo5 films

Depending on the applied substrate / buffer combination, we are able to prepare the hexagonal RECo5 phase as an epitaxial film with three different orientations of the phase's crystallographic c-axis. This allows to study anisotropic magnetic properties in fully textured films with uniaxial in-the-plane anisotropy such as large rectangular hysteresis in single layer films (SmCo5, PrCo7) or multilayers (SmCo5/Fe), magnetization processes in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy films (SmCo5), or spin reorientation transitions in e.g. NdCo5. Uniaxial in-plane anisotropy is achieved on MgO(110) single crystal substrates with a Cr(211) buffer. This epitaxial mode also is also possible with Fe (211) layers in hard/soft heterostructures. A perpendicular orientation of the c-axis with a single epitaxial variant in the basal plane is achieved on Ru-buffered Al2O3 (0001).


For the epitaxial growth conditions of the different texture variants see: 

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