Epitaxial PrCo7 films with high energy density

Research on RE-Co magnets with a TbCu7 structure has been intensified in recent years because of their potential as permanent magnets for high temperature applications. RECo7 magnets posses a unique combination of intrinsic properties such as a high saturation polarization, a high Curie temperature and a large uniaxial anisotropy at room temperature. However, the hexagonal RECo7 is a metastable structure and often cannot be prepared without a stabilizing element, to avoid the stable rhombohedral RE2Co17 structure with planar magnetocrystalline anisotropy upon applying higher temperature.

By using the non-equilibrium pulsed laser deposition (PLD) growth technique, we are able to prepare binary epitaxial Pr-Co films with a disordered PrCo7 structure (TbCu7 type) without the addition of any stabilizing element and therefore high saturation polarization. These Pr-Co films are prepared on a Cr buffered MgO(110) substrate at temperature of 450°C to 600°C and grow epitaxially with a (10-10) texture and single orientation of the c-axis of the hexagonal Pr-Co grains along the MgO[001] substrate edge. These PrCo7 films exhibit a energy product value of (BH)max = 345 kJ/m3, which is the highest value ever reported for a RE-Co magnet (Patra JPD'07).


By varying the Pr concentration between 9 and 27 at%, epitaxial Pr-Co films have been prepared with comparable epitaxial texture but different crystal structures (PrCo7, PrCo5 and Pr2Co7) and spin reorientation transitions.  A magnetic and structural phase diagram for epitaxial Pr-Co films has been established.


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