Monograph - Magnetic Domains

Magnetic Domains

The Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures


by Alex Hubert and Rudolf Schäfer


1st edition 1998.
3rd corrected printing is available since October, 2008 from Springer
686 p., 400 illus., 4 in color.
Hardcover, € 128,35
ISBN: 978-3-540-64108-7

 The rich world of magnetic microstructure or magnetic domains - extending from the "nano-world" to visible dimensions - is systematically covered in this book. The subject, which might be called "mesomagnetism", forms the link between atomic foundations and technical applications of magnetic materials, ranging from computer storage systems to the magnetic cores of electrical machinery. The structures and processes in the hidden inner world of magnets are favourite examples in the theoretical analysis of complex systems. Independent of their scientific and technical relevance, magnetic microstructures are also esthetically appealing, and the authors could not resist this aspect of their work.

From the contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Domain Observation Techniques
  3. Domain Theory
  4. Material Parameters for Domain Analysis
  5. Domain Observation and Interpretation
  6. The Relevance of Domains
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