Errata in Corrected Print 2000

Referring to the "Corrected Printing 2000",
available after Dez. 99 

Last update  March 09, 2010

p. 34line 25: a minus sign is missing in the exponential function (thanks to Radek Urban)
p. 119Eq. (3.19b): a factor 1/2 is missing on the right side (thanks to Daniel Braun and Dima Berkov)
p. 121Fig. 3.3a: replace the "0" on the b/a-axis by "1"
p. 122Eq. 3.25b: Replace right-hand side of F200 by xLx - r  (thanks to Daniel Braun)
p. 122Eq. 3.25b: Replace right-hand side of F100 by Lx
p. 245Fig. 3.77: The label numbers on the ordinate have to be divided by (2 Π)1/2   (thanks to J. McCord)
p. 299Equ. (3.188), second equation: the term -JsδΦd/δx is missing on the left side (thanks to Giovanni Asti and Alex Bogdanov)
p. 321 Fig. 3.121b: The arrow in the right basic domain has to be inverted
p. 341Equ. (3.236), left equation: the two fractions must be collected within brackets
p. 342 Caption Fig. 3.137: the unit of Cs is Joule per cubic meter

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