Errata in Corrected Printing 2009

Referring to the "3rd, Corrected Printing 2009",
available after Nov. 2008

Last update  March 09, 2010

Due to an error in the printing process, some lines of text are missing on pages 291 and 294.

p. 291, bottom: add "(If the band is pinned at its end and not able to contract, or if the field is applied only locally, it will remain metastable beyond the saturation point considered here)"
p. 294, bottom:The denominator of the prefactor in the last equation of equ. (3.204) must be 3π
p. 294, bottom:add after equ. (3.204): "E(u) and K(u) are the complete elliptic integrals:"
p. 323:Equ. (3.236), left equation: the two fractions must be collected within brackets
p. 323: Caption Fig. 3.137: the unit of Cs is Joule per cubic meter



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