Errata in Hubert/Schäfer "Magnetic Domains"

Referring to the original edition of 8/98
(most errors have been corrected in the "Corrected Printing 2000", available after Dez. 99)

Last update  March 09, 2010

p. IXMiddle and bottom of page: Replace R. Gelotta by R. Celotta
p. 34 line 25: a minus sign is missing in the exponential function (thanks to Radek Urban)
p. 60Fig. 2.30: Image (b) has to be rotated by 180°
p. 100Line -6: The temperature is "about 600 °C"
p. 101Figure caption: The temperature is 580 °C
p. 102Fig. 2.55d: Replace v by v3 in formula
p. 119Eq. (3.19b): a factor 1/2 is missing on the right side (thanks to Daniel Braun and Dima Berkov)
p. 121Fig. 3.3a: Replace the "0" on the b/a-axis by "1"
p. 122Eq. 3.25b: Replace right-hand side of F200 by xLx - r  (thanks to Daniel Braun)
p. 122Eq. 3.25b: Replace right-hand side of F100 by Lx
p. 123Eq. 3.25c: Replace in second line of F221 "-+" by "-"
p. 148Eq. (3.61): The sign before the stray field term must be negative
p. 187Fig. 3.35a: Hd must include an -x-component. Hin must be shortened accordingly
p. 214Fig. 3.52: The reduced field is defined here as h = µ0H/Js. The magnetization must be understood to point towards the dark ends of the double conesin (a) and (b). The centre vector on the top surface of (a) is inverted by mistake, however
p. 245Fig. 3.77: The label numbers on the ordinate have to be divided by (2 Π)1/2   (thanks to J. McCord)
p. 265Twice: Replace [#75] by [653]
p. 290Equ. (3.183): The correct powers are D2f
p. 299Equ. (3.188), second equation: the term -JsδΦdx is missing on the left side (thanks to Giovanni Asti and Alex Bogdanov)
p. 309Fig. 3.114a: The W/D-axis grid labels are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
p. 321Fig. 3.121b: The arrow in the right basic domain has to be inverted
p. 327Line -12: Remove the clause "as preferred for small Q and L"
p. 341Equ. (3.236), left equation: the two fractions must be collected within brackets
p. 342Caption Fig. 3.137: the unit of Cs is Joule per cubic meter
p. 370Fig. 4.5: The dashed area is Kc1/4
p. 434 Line -10: Replace "inside the domains" by "inside the grains"
p. 468Fig. 5.77: The field value in (f) was 25 A/cm
p. 514Fig. 5.133: Thickness of Co films 20 nm. Polycrystalline. a)-d) missing
p. 549Fig. 6.17: The scale bars are
                   in (a - c):    0.77 cm = 20 µm
                   in (d, e):     0.92 cm = 50 µm
                   in (f):          0.8 cm = 100 µm
p. 605Ref. [173]: J. McCord, A. Hubert: Normalized differential Kerr microscopy - An advanced method for magnetic imaging. Phys. Status Solidi A 171, 555-562 (1999)
p. 617Ref. [548]: Third author: Teukolsky (also in author index, p. 680)
p. 619Ref. [598]: W. Rave, K. Fabian and A. Hubert: Magnetic states of small cubic particles with uniaxial anisotropy. J. Magn. Magn. Mat. 190, 332-348 (1998)
p. 633Ref. [1025]: The year of publication is 1990. Note that Ref. [1025] and Ref. [1027]  are identical
p. 671Author index: Lichte: "60, 62"
p. 685Barkhausen jumps: Replace 356 by 357
p. 692Add in subject index: Neutron depolarization techniques 100, 101

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