Damascene light weight metals

A high mechanical strength and a reasonable plastic strain has been observed for Ti and Al alloys. Both, Al and Ti are - beside Mg - the classical elements for the design and construction of light weight structural elements. The combination of high mechanical strength and good ductility has also been reported for ultra fine grained and nanocrystalline materials - often prepared by severe plastic deformation. In consequence we are aiming at combining both concepts in Al-Ti composite materials that were prepared by severe plastic deformation.

We use the following severe plastic deformation methods:

Such composite materials are beneficial also from other aspects

  • hardening from additional interfaces
  • hardening from grain refinement
  • possible combination of strength and ductility in consequence of damascene structures



Titanium wire, processed by accumulative swaging and bundling       Same wire, but higher magnification










ECEMP (European Centre for Emerging Materials and Processes)

Prof. W. Skrotzki (TU Dresden, Physics)

Prof. J. Eckert (IFW Dresden, IKM)


This project is funded by the European Union and

the Free State of Saxony