Advanced heat treatments

Heat treatment of metallic materials


We provide furnaces that make heat treatments at different temperatures and athmospheres feasible. The table provides an overview about our furnaces including the maximum temperature, sample size as well as the attainable atmosphere (Mix can be anything within Ar/N2/O2).


Temperature  [°C ]Sample size  [ mm ] AirVac H2ArN2O2



80 x 80 x 80x      
12001500 x D=100x xxx  
10501500 X D=150xxxxxxx
1050D=350x  xx  

In addition, several special techniqes are available:




TechniqueSample size  [ mm ] AirVac
hardening & ageing90 x 90 x 90x  x   
long term annealing600 x D=70x  xxxx






  • Siegfried Neumann