Quantum Materials and Devices

Our group uses deposition techniques such as atomic layer deposition, (magnetron) sputtering and sputter etching to prepare thin films and thin film stacks. After in-situ characterization, the layer stacks are further processed by lithography to receive spinelectronic or memristive devices. In additon to thin film devices, our main interest is semiconductor nanowires. Here, the 3-d conformity of atomic layer deposition can be used to prepare sophisticated nanowires and related devices. The scientific focus of our group is layered materials, topological insulators, correlated oxides and their use in suitable devices.


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PD Dr. Andy Thomas

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Collaborative research

DFG Priority Programme SPP 1538 SpinCaloric Transport (SpinCaT)

ICT COST Action IC1401: Memristors - Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications (MemoCis)