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May be, what we do is sophisticated. Nevvertheless we want to make our scientific work accessible for the general public and to show the relevance of materials research to evreryone. Another aim of our outreach efforts is to inspire young people to study science or engineering.

Scientific events

We offer regularly scientific seminars on topics related to our research program.  The talks are given by Invited speakers or by IFW scientists. They are open for interested visitors.  Here you can find the schedule of scientific events.


Visitors are welcome

We are open for interested visitor groups, e.g. in connection with students excursions or as a special lesson in physics or chemistry. A particular worthwhile opportunity for visiting the IFW is the Dresden Long Night of Sciences.


Recent Press Releases

Calculating correlated materials from first principles


New Leibniz Junior Research Group at IFW headed by Oleg Janson

Nanomagnets in carbon cages


Encapsulation of lanthanide atoms inside fullerenes stabalizes unconventional metallic clusters

Classic double-slit experiment in a new light


New X-ray spectroscopy method based on the classical double-slit experiment offers a deeper insights into the physical properties of solids.

More efficient energy harvesting with magnets


Electrical yield improved by orders of magnitude by clever arrangement of components

New Academician


Oliver G. Schmidt accepted as new Academician of acatech

Two IFW Professors named in the Highly Cited Researchers List 2018


Oliver G. Schmidt and Jeroen van den Brink are influential researchers with multiple papers ranking in the top 1% by citations for their field and year.

Second funding period for SFB 1143


The Collaborative Research Centre "Correlated Magnetism: From Frustration to Topology" (SFB 1143) will be funded for a second period from 2019 -2022.

Thermoelectric cooling gets fit for micro technology


Article in nature electronics: Thermoelectric devices become quicker, more reliably and suitable for integration in microchips.

Thermoelectric expert comes to IFW Dresden with Humboldt Prize


Prof. Dr. Zhifeng Ren from University of Houston, Texas, uses a Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for a research stay at IFW Dresden.

New publication in nature comm.


Spectral field mapping in plasmonic nanostructures with nanometer resolution

Press contact

Dr. Carola Langer
+49 (0) 351 4659 234

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