Research at the IFW Dresden

Research Program

The IFW’s research program deals with materials, which exhibit particular physical behavior, like magnetism or superconductivity, or which are newly discovered substances promising interesting properties, like metallic glasses or nanotubes. We follow continuous lines from explorative work in natural science through application-relevant problems up to the development of technological processes and new products. Read more...


Institute for Solid State Research, Director: Prof. Dr. Bernd Büchner
Institute for Metallic Materials, Director: Prof. Dr. Kornelius Nielsch
Institute for Complex Materials, Director: Dr. Thomas Gemming (temp.)
Institute for Integrative Nanosciences, Director: Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt
Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, Director: Prof. Dr. van den Brink


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Research sites

In addition to its main location, the IFW Dresden has two other research sites in Dresden-Niedersedlitz and in Chemnitz. Read more...

Junior research groups

The IFW hosts three Emmy Noether Research groups and two ERC starting grants. Read more...

Research funding

About one quarter of the IFW’s annual budget is contributed by third party funding. The application and administration of projects is supported by our research funding unit and the EU Office. Read more...

Networks and cooperations

The IFW Dresden collaborates closely with universities and research institutes and is part of many networks on an international and regional scale. Read more...