Leibniz Application Lab

A new class of materials - strong as metal, malleable as glass

The industry-oriented research for the implementation of product ideas and technologies for the manufacture of highly innovative material of amorphous metals is the task of the "Leibniz's application laboratory Amorphous metals" in the IFW Dresden. The selective processing of research provides a comprehensive range of services and transfer offer, which reflects the existing know-how to the application-mature technologies, complemented by a collection of product samples and exhibits in an attractive presentation area. Product samples are developed and optimized for the market in close cooperation with companies. In addition, a continuing education program for the economy is created. In targeted seminars with potential partners, potential applications of the new material class will be taught. On this basis, the scientists and technicians of the Institute for Complex Materials strive to ensure, that the transfer of technology from the research field of amorphous metals is accelerated particularly in the small and medium enterprises in the region and nationwide. 

The Application Lab offers

  • modern laboratory equipment and latest technologies
  • expert advice on potential uses and properties (by our engineers and scientists)
  • Support for SMEs in product development and incorporation of new technologies in the industrial environment
  • Demonstration of the feasibility of the research and development results by marketable product samples
  • Use of institutional internal resources, such as modern methods for material characterization
  • Further Education

In cooperation with other applications laboratories of Leibniz Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Association,  a network has been established in which the construction and success of those new transfer activities should be accompanied by continuous exchange of experience and support.


Dr. Uta Kühn
Head of Department
Metallic Glasses and Composites
phone: +49 (0)351 4659-402
fax:      +49 (0)351 4659-254