Philosophy for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden carries out basic and application-oriented research & development in line with the motto of the Leibniz Association "Theoria cum Praxi". In consonance with our statutes, we promote knowledge and technology transfer. We publish our scientific results by various methods. The transfer of basic research knowledge for usage in economy and society is of great importance to us.

The economic potential of applicable inventions is assessed by internal processes and external specialized experts. In case of a positive evaluation, employee inventions will be protected by patents. We offer rights of use primarily to regional, national and European companies, in order to turn ideas and insights into innovations that strengthen the economy and secure jobs and prosperity. Therefore, rights are preserved as long as a reasonable prospect for utilization persists.

The multi-step path to innovation starts with the invention, beginning with an observation and description of a functional principle, which results in an application. Partnerships with academia and industry are essential during this process for the IFW. The institute is open for research contracts from industry, according to our competences and public contract. If necessary, we assure a confidential treatment of expertise. We cooperate in many ways with national and international partners for mutual advantage and assure our cooperation partners a reasonable benefit from the obtained results and intellectual property rights.