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Scientist / Subjects

Dmitrii Cherniavskii
My current research work is primarily focused on machine learning in
application to materials science.

As I was trained as a high energy physicist, I'm also interested in
problems lying in the intersection of condensed matter and high energy
physics. For instance, simulation of black holes and it's properties in
condensed matter systems.

Flavio de Souza Nogueira

  • Quantum field theory of condensed matter physics
  • Quantum critical phenomena
  • Josephson effects

Jorge Facio
Theory of quantum matter

  • Ab initio electronic structure with emphasis in topological properties.
  • Anomalous Hall, Nernst and nonlinear anomalous Hall effects.
  • Strongly correlated materials: methods for electronic correlations beyond LDA or GGA.

Satoshi Nishimoto
Theoretical study of low-dimensional strongly correlated electron systems:

  • Quantum phenomena in frustrated magnets
  • Unconventional superconductivity
  • Exact diagonalization and density-matrix renormalization group methods

Kostiantyn Yershov
Curvilinear Micromagnetism:

  • Dynamics of topological solitons (domain walls and skyrmions) in curvilinear nanomagnets.
  • Magnetization-induced deformations of magnetoelastic systems.
  • Micromagnetic simulations.

Relevant Publications:
Jorge I. Facio, Dmitri Efremov, Klaus Koepernik, Jhih-Shih You, Inti Sodemann, and Jeroen van den Brink, “Strongly Enhanced Berry Dipole at Topological Phase Transitions in BiTeI”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 246403 (2018),

Kostiantyn V. Yershov, Volodymyr P. Kravchuk, Denis D. Sheka, Jeroen van den Brink, and Yuri Gaididei, “Spontaneous deformation of flexible ferromagnetic ribbons induced by Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction," Phys. Rev. B. 100, 140407(R) (2019),

C. Morice, A. Moghaddam, D. Chernyavsky, J. Van Wezel,  J. Van Den Brink, “Synthetic gravitational horizons in low-dimensional quantum Matter”,

F. S. Nogueira, Z. Nussinov, and J. van den Brink, “Josephson currents induced by the Witten effect” , Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 167002 (2016),

Satoshi Nishimoto, Naokazu Shibata, and Chisa Hotta, "Controlling frustrated liquids and solids with an applied field in a kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet", Nature Communications 4, 2287 (2013),

Prof. Dr. Jeroen van den Brink

Institute Director

Name van den Brink, Prof. Dr. Jeroen
Abteilung Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics