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Our group is concerned mainly with structure and phase formation in non-equilibrium materials. Particular interests are in solidification of undercooled liquids, processing of nanocrystalline and glassy powders, high-entropy alloys, short-range atomic order and dynamics, surfaces and interfaces.

  • Time-resolved high-energy X-ray diffraction
  • Formation of stable and metastable phases in undercooled liquids
  • Deformable soft-magnetic bulk glassy alloys


Strengthening of Al-Fe3Al composites by the generation of harmonic structures (Scientific Reports)

Strain distribution across an individual shear band in real and simulated metallic glasses (Nano Lett.)

Atomic-level processes of shear band nucleation in metallic glasses (PhysRevLett)

Experimental and ab-initio molecular dynamics study of the structure and physical properties of liquid GeTe (PhysRevB)

Use of Thermophysical Properties to Select and Control Convection during Rapid Solidification of Steel Alloys using Electromagnetic Levitation on the Space Station (JOM)

Structural, electronic and kinetic properties of the phase-change material Ge2Sb2Te5 in the liquid state (Scientific Reports)

Brittle-to-Ductile Transition in Metallic Glass Nanowires (Nano Lett.)

Low Young’s modulus Ti-based porous bulk glassy alloy without cytotoxic elements (Acta Biomaterialia)

IFW authors won the MSC Impact Editor's Choice Award of Materials Science Engineering C with their paper on biocompatible Ti-based metallic glasses

Microstructure evolution at shear bands in superplastic nanophase-separated bulk metallic glass is revealed (Scientific Reports)

Group leader

Phone: +49 351 4659 252
Email:  i.kaban(@t)