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Our group is concerned mainly with structure and phase formation in non-equilibrium materials. Particular interests are in solidification of undercooled liquids, processing of nanocrystalline and glassy powders, high-entropy alloys, short-range atomic order and dynamics, surfaces and interfaces.

  • Time-resolved high-energy X-ray diffraction
  • Formation of stable and metastable phases in undercooled liquids
  • Deformable soft-magnetic bulk glassy alloys


Fast-current-heating devices developed at IFW Dresden for in-situ studies of phase formation in metallic glasses using high-energy synchrotron radiation (Review of Scientific Instruments).

Metastable solidification pathways of undercooled eutectic CoSi-CoSi2 alloys revealed by in-situ high-energy synchrotron XRD (Acta Materialia).

Effect of TiB2 particles on microstructure and crystallographic texture of Al-12Si fabricated by selective laser melting (Journal of Alloys and Compounds).

Correlating ultrafast calorimetry, viscosity, and structural measurements in liquid GeTe and Ge15Te85 (Physical Review Materials).

Wetting, reactivity, and phase formation at interfaces between Ni–Al melts and TiB2 ultrahigh-temperature ceramic (Journal of the American Ceramic Society, best paper award).

Local microstructure evolution at shear bands in metallic glasses with nanoscale phase separation (Scientific Reports).

Mapping of residual strains around a shear band in bulk metallic glass by nanobeam X-ray diffraction (Acta Materialia).

Flash Joule heating for ductilization of metallic glasses (Nature Communications).

Atomic structure and formation of CuZrAl bulk metallic glasses and composites (Acta Materialia).

Interfacial tension, wetting and nucleation in Al-Bi and Al-Pb monotectic alloys (Acta Materialia).

Group leader

Phone: +49 351 4659 252
Email:  i.kaban(@t)