Recent Press Releases

Superconductors under strain


Elasto-thermoelectric transport technique reveals the interaction between structural and electronic properties of unconventional superconductors

Spontaneous currents in superconductors


New muon spin-rotation experiments proved spontaneous electrical currents in superconductors

Annual Report 2020 has been published


Have a look here on the pdf file.

New theoretical model for the propulsion mechanisms of micromotors


Influence of viscosity, surface tension and propellant concentration on micromotor motion has been simulated

Large area thin film crystals for high performance organic electronics


New industry-compatible growth method for reliable deposition of thin films for organic electronics on large areas.


First Tellurium-free thermoelectric modules for power generation for Low Temperatur Application


The replacement of the scarce element Tellurium makes the devices cheaper while remaining the performance

International Day of Women and Girls in Science


11 February has been declared by the United Nations as "International Day of Women and Girls in Science".

Best solution


Single-molecule magnets made of metallofullerenes can self-assemble in a solution-based process to form magnetic layers that promise high potential for further research in spintronic devices.

For greater interdisciplinarity


A Nature comment by Dr. Minshen Zhu and Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt about the need for cross-disciplinary cooperation and teaching in microtechnology