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Diploma projects

Our ongoing research activities permanently generate interesting and challenging research topics which can be addressed in the framework of a master or diploma project. The typical duration of such a project is 12 months.

We offer projects for university students in the field of theoretical physics, theoretical chemistry and theoretical materials science. Research topics can be adjusted to individual wishes and requirements.

Those interested are invited to contact Prof. Dr. Jeroen van den Brink (j.van.den.brink(at) the group leader working in a specific field of interest.

The following diploma projects are currently available:

  • Electronic Structure of Topological Insulators (Richter & Van den Brink) -- predicting new TI's, calculation of band structure and topological invariants from first principles (numerical & mathematical)
  • Strongly correlated spin-orbital systems (Nishimoto & Van den Brink) -- determining phase diagrams and investigating the interplay of topology and correlations (numerical & mathematical)
  • Curved Nano Architectures (Ortix & Van den Brink) -- determining electronic and magnetic properties of curved nano membranes (mathematical)
  • Strongly Frustrated Magnetism in 5d Transition Metal Systems (Hozoi & Van den Brink) -- predicting new magnetic textures, calculation of magnetic interactions with quantum chemistry methods (numerical)
  • Novel Ferro-pnictide Superconductors (Sykora & Van den Brink) -- Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity in newly discovered iron-pnictide superconductors (numerical & mathematical)
  • Resonant Inelastic Scattering on Cuprates (Büchner & Van den Brink) -- Measuring and calculating RIXS on cuprate spin-chains, ladders & high temperature superconductors (experiment + theory)