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Name Lubk, Dr. Axel
Department Institute for Solid State Research
Position Group Leader Advanced Methods of Electron Microscopy

Scientific Focus

  • TEM method development (high-resolution, tomography, holography, spectroscopy, cryo TEM, in-situ)
  • Charge particle optics and scattering theory
  • Magnetic nanostextures (domain walls, vortices, skyrmions)
  • Plasmonics (plasmon mode hybridization in heterogeneous structures, axion plasmonics)
  • Complex oxide interfaces and thin films
  • Semiconductor heterostructures

Journal Papers

2022 - R. Huber, F. Kern, D. Karnaushenko, E. Eisner, P. Lepucki, A. Thampi, A. Mirhajivarzaneh, C. Becker, T. Kang, S. Baunack, B. Büchner, D. Karnaushenko, O.G. Schmidt, A. Lubk
Tailoring electron beams with high-frequency self-assembled magnetic charged particle micro optics
Nature Communications | Volume: 13 | P. 3220/1-9 | URL

2022 - J. Jena, B. Göbel, T. Hirosawa, S. Díaz, D. Wolf, T. Hinokihara, V. Kumar, I. Mertig, C. Felser, A. Lubk, D. Loss, S. Parkin
Observation of fractional spin textures in a Heusler material
Nature Communications | Volume: 13 | P. 2348 | URL

2022 - J. Qu, F. Li, M. Wang, S. Subakti, M. Deconinck, G. Chen, Y. Li, L. Liu, X. Wang, M. Yu, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, Y. Vaynzof, O. Schmidt, F. Zhu
One‐Pot Synthesis of Nitrate‐Intercalated NiFe Layered Double Hydroxides with an 8.2 Å Interlayer Spacing
Advanced Materials Interfaces

2022 - D. Wolf, S. Schneider, U. Rößler, A. Kovács, M. Schmidt, R. Dunin-Borkowski, B. Büchner, B. Rellinghaus, A. Lubk
Unveiling the three-dimensional magnetic texture of skyrmion tubes
Nature Nanotechnology | Volume: 17 | P. 250–255 | URL

2022 - S. Guo, M. Henschel, D. Wolf, D. Pohl, A. Lubk, T. Blon, V. Neu, K. Leistner
Size-Specific Magnetic Configurations in Electrodeposited Epitaxial Iron Nanocuboids: From Landau Pattern to Vortex and Single Domain States
Nano Letters | Volume: 22 | Issue: 10 | P. 4006–4012 | URL

2021 - P. Potapov, A. Lubk
Extraction of physically meaningful endmembers from STEM spectrum-images combining geometrical and statistical approaches
Micron | Volume: 145 | P. 103068/1-17 | URL

2021 - J. Schultz, F. Kirner, P. Potapov, B. Büchner, A. Lubk, E. Sturm
Tailoring Plasmonics of Au@Ag Nanoparticles by Silica Encapsulation
Advanced Optical Materials | Volume: 9 | Issue: 22 | P. 2101221/1-7 | URL

2021 - J. Schlotheuber né Brunner, B. Maier, S. Thomä, F. Kirner, I. Baburin, D. Lapkin, R. Rosenberg, S. Sturm, D. Assalauova, J. Carnis, Y. Kim, Z. Ren, F. Westermeier, S. Theiss, H. Borrmann, S. Polarz, A. Eychmüller, A. Lubk, I. Vartanyants, H. Cölfen, M. Zobel, E. Sturm
Morphogenesis of Magnetite Mesocrystals: Interplay between Nanoparticle Morphology and Solvation Shell
Chemistry of Materials | Volume: 33 | Issue: 23 | P. 9119–9130 | URL

2021 - F. Kern, J. Krehl, A. Thampi, A. Lubk
A Hamiltonian mechanics framework for charge particle optics in straight and curved systems
Optik | Volume: 242 | P. 167242 | URL

2021 - J. Carnis, F. Kirner, D. Lapkin, S. Sturm, Y. Kim, I. Baburin, R. Khubbutdinov, A. Ignatenko, E. Iashina, A. Mistonov, T. Steegemans, T. Wieck, T. Gemming, A. Lubk, S. Lazarev, M. Sprung, I. Vartanyants, E. Sturm
Correction: Exploring the 3D structure and defects of a self-assembled gold mesocrystal by coherent X-ray diffraction imaging
Nanoscale | Volume: 13 | Issue: 25 | P. 11299-11300 | URL

2021 - J. Carnis, F. Kirner, D. Lapkin, S. Sturm, Y. Kim, I. Baburin, R. Khubbutdinov, A. Ignatenko, E. Iashina, A. Mistonov, T. Steegemans, T. Wiek, T. Gemming, A. Lubk, S. Lazarev, M. Sprung, I. Vartanyants, E. Sturm
Exploring the 3D structure and defects of a self-assembled gold mesocrystal by coherent X-ray diffraction imaging
Nanoscale | Volume: 13 | Issue: 23 | P. 10425-10435 | URL

2021 - M. Stübinger, J. Gabel, P. Scheiderer, M. Zapf, M. Schmitt, P. Schütz, B. Leikert, J. Küspert, M. Kamp, P. Thakur, T. Lee, P. Potapov, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, M. Sing, R. Claessen
Hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy of LaVO3/SrTiO3: Band alignment and electronic reconstruction
Physical Review B | Volume: 103 | P. 235128/1-12 | URL

2021 - H. Lourenço-Martins, A. Lubk, M. Kociak
Bridging nano-optics and condensed matter formalisms in a unified description of inelastic scattering of relativistic electron beams
SciPost Physics | Volume: 10 | Issue: 2 | P. 031/1-54 | URL

2021 - M. Lê Anh, P. Potapov, A. Lubk, T. Doert, M. Ruck
Freestanding few-layer sheets of a dual topological insulator
npj 2D Materials and Applications | Volume: 5 | P. 22/1-5 | URL

2021 - I. Andersen, D. Wolf, L. Rodriguez, A. Lubk, D. Oliveros, C. Bran, T. Niermann, U. Rößler, M. Vazquez, C. Gatel, E. Snoeck
Field tunable three-dimensional magnetic nanotextures in cobalt-nickel nanowires
Physical Review Research | Volume: 3 | P. 033085/1-12 | URL

2021 - G. Shipunov, B.R. Piening, C. Wuttke, T.A. Romanova, A.V. Sadakov, O.A. Sobolevskiy, E.Yu. Guzovsky, A.S. Usoltsev, V.M. Pudalov, D.V. Efremov, S. Subakti, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, S. Aswartham
Layered van der Waals Topological Metals of TaTMTe4 (TM = Ir, Rh, Ru) Family
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters | Volume: 12 | Issue: 28 | P. 6730-6735 | URL

2021 - J. Schultz, F. Nogueira, B. Büchner, J. van den Brink, A. Lubk
Axion Mie theory of electron energy loss spectroscopy in topological insulators
SciPost Physics Core | Volume: 4 | Issue: 3 | P. 023/1-26 | URL

2021 - D. Schletz, J. Schultz, P. Potapov, A. Steiner, J. Krehl, T. König, M. Mayer, A. Lubk, A. Fery
Exploiting Combinatorics to Investigate Plasmonic Properties in Heterogeneous AgAu Nanosphere Chain Assemblies
Advanced Optical Materials | Volume: 9 | Issue: 9 | P. 2001983/1-8 | URL

2021 - M. Lê Anh, P. Potapov, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, B. Glatz, A. Fery, T. Doert, M. Ruck
Freestanding Nanolayers of a Wide‐Gap Topological Insulator through Liquid‐Phase Exfoliation
Chemistry - A European Journal | Volume: 27 | Issue: 2 | P. 794-801 | URL

2021 - S. Wang, M. Sawatzki, H. Kleemann, I. Lashkov, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, F. Talnack, S. Mannsfeld, Y. Krupskaya, B. Büchner, K. Leo
Vacuum processed large area doped thin-film crystals: A new approach for high-performance organic electronics
Materials Today Physics | Volume: 17 | P. 100352 | URL

2020 - P. Schütz, M. Kamp, D. Di Sante, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, G. Sangiovanni, M. Sing, R. Claessen
Electronic structure of epitaxial perovskite films in the two-dimensional limit: Role of the surface termination
Applied Physics Letters | Volume: 116 | Issue: 20 | P. 201601/1-5 | URL

2020 - F. Kern, M. Linck, D. Wolf, N. Alem, H. Arora, S. Gemming, A. Erbe, A. Zettl, B. Büchner, A. Lubk
Autocorrected off-axis holography of two-dimensional materials
Physical Review Research | Volume: 2 | Issue: 4 | P. 043360/1-14 | URL

2020 - G. Shipunov, I. Kovalchuk, B.R. Piening, V. Labracherie, A. Veyrat, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, S. Subakti, R. Giraud, J. Dufouleur, S. Shokri, F. Caglieris, C. Hess, D.V. Efremov, B. Büchner, S. Aswartham
Polymorphic PtBi2: Growth, structure, and superconducting properties
Physical Review Materials | Volume: 4 | Issue: 12 | P. 124202/1-8 | URL

2020 - F. Kirner, P. Potapov, J. Schultz, J. Geppert, M. Müller, G. González-Rubio, S. Sturm, A. Lubk, E. Sturm
Additive-controlled synthesis of monodisperse single crystalline gold nanoparticles: interplay of shape and surface plasmon resonance
Journal of Materials Chemistry C | Volume: 8 | Issue: 31 | P. 10844-10851 | URL

2020 - C. Habenicht, A. Lubk, R. Schuster, M. Knupfer, B. Büchner
Investigation of potassium-intercalated bulk MoS2 using transmission electron energy-loss spectroscopy
Physical Review B | Volume: 101 | Issue: 15 | P. 155429/1-12 | URL

2020 - I.O. Cherniavskii, S.E. Nikitin, Y.A. Onykiienko, D.S. Inosov, Q. Stahl, J. Geck, X.C. Hong, C. Hemker-Heß, S. Gaß, A.U.B. Wolter-Giraud, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, D.V. Efremov, F. Yokaichiya, S. Aswartham, B. Büchner, I.V. Morozov
Incommensurate magnet iron monophosphide FeP: Crystal growth and characterization
Physical Review Materials | Volume: 4 | Issue: 8 | P. 083403/1-9 | URL

2019 - A Edström, A. Lubk, J. Rusz
Quantum mechanical treatment of atomic-resolution differential phase contrast imaging of magnetic materials
Physical Review B | Volume: 99 | Issue: 17 | P. 174428/1-9 | URL

2019 - M. Mayer, P. Potapov, D. Pohl, A. Steiner, J. Schultz, B. Rellinghaus, A. Lubk, T. König, A. Fery
Direct Observation of Plasmon Band Formation and Delocalization in Quasi-Infinite Nanoparticle Chains
Nano Letters | Volume: 19 | Issue: 6 | P. 3854-3862 | URL

2019 - D. Wolf, N. Biziere, S. Sturm, D. Reyes, T. Wade, T. Niermann, J. Krehl, B. Warot-Fonrose, B. Büchner, E. Snoeck, C. Gatel, A. Lubk
Holographic vector field electron tomography of three-dimensional nanomagnets
Communications Physics | Volume: 2 | P. 87/1-9 | URL

2019 - F. Börrnert, F. Kern, F. Harder, T. Riedel, H. Müller, B. Büchner, A. Lubk
The Dresden in-situ (S)TEM special with a continuous-flow liquid-helium cryostat
Ultramicroscopy | Volume: 203 | P. 12-20 | URL

2019 - A. Zeugner, F. Nietschke, A.U.B. Wolter-Giraud, S. Gaß, R. Vidal, T. Peixoto, D. Pohl, C. Damm, A. Lubk, R. Hentrich, S. Moser, C. Fornari, C. Min, S. Schatz, K. Kißner, M. Ünzelmann, M. Kaiser, F. Scaravaggi, B. Rellinghaus, K. Nielsch, C. Hemker-Heß, B. Büchner, F. Reinert, H. Bentmann, O. Oeckler, T. Doert, M. Ruck, A. Isaeva
Chemical Aspects of the Candidate Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulator MnBi2Te4
Chemistry of Materials | Volume: 31 | Issue: 8 | P. 2795-2806 | URL

2019 - S. Sturm, M. Siglreitmeier, D. Wolf, K. Vogel, M. Gratz, D. Faivre, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, E. Sturm (née Rosseeva), H. Cölfen
Magnetic Nanoparticle Chains in Gelatin Ferrogels: Bioinspiration from Magnetotactic Bacteria
Advanced Functional Materials | Volume: 29 | Issue: 45 | P. 1905996/1-8 | URL

2019 - C. Cordoba, X. Zeng, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, E. Barrigón, M. Borgström, K. Kavanagh
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Beam-Induced Biasing of InP/GaInP Tunnel Diodes
Nano Letters | Volume: 19 | Issue: 6 | P. 3490-3497 | URL

2019 - M. Grönke, B. Buschbeck, P. Schmidt, M. Valldor, S. Oswald, Q. Hao, A. Lubk, D. Wolf, U. Steiner, B. Büchner, S. Hampel
Chromium Trihalides CrX3 (X = Cl, Br, I): Direct Deposition of Micro- and Nanosheets on Substrates by Chemical Vapor Transport
Advanced Materials Interfaces | Volume: 6 | Issue: 24 | P. 1901410/1-11 | URL

2019 - P. Potapov, A. Lubk
Optimal principal component analysis of STEM XEDS spectrum images
Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging | Volume: 5 | Issue: 1 | P. 4/1-21 | URL

2018 - S. Schneider, D. Wolf, M.J. Stolt, S. Jin,D. Pohl , B. Rellinghaus, M. Schmidt, B. Büchner, S. Goennenwein, K. Nielsch, A. Lubk
Towards Induction Mapping of the 3D Spin Texture of Skyrmions
Microscopy and Microanalysis | Volume: 24 | Issue: S1 | P. 930-931 | URL

2018 - S. Schneider, D. Wolf, M.J. Stolt, S. Jin, D. Pohl, B. Rellinghaus, M. Schmidt, B. Büchner, S. Goennenwein, K. Nielsch, A. Lubk
Induction Mapping of the 3D-Modulated Spin Texture of Skyrmions in Thin Helimagnets
Physical Review Letters | Volume: 120 | Issue: 21 | P. 217201/1-6 | URL

2018 - J. Krehl, G. Guzzinati, J. Schultz, P. Potapov, D. Pohl, J. Martin, J. Verbeeck, A. Fery, B. Büchner, A. Lubk
Spectral field mapping in plasmonic nanostructures with nanometer resolution
Nature Communications | Volume: 9 | P. 4207/1-6 | URL

2018 - F. Seifert, F. Kern, I. Kezsmarki, U. Rößler, D. Wolf, S. Schneider, D. Pohl, B. Büchner, A. Lubk
Cryogenic TEM Studies of Bloch and Neel Skyrmion Textures in Lacunar Spinels and Cubic Helimagnets
Microscopy and Microanalysis | Volume: 24 | Issue: S1 | P. 946-947 | URL

2018 - M. Grönke, P. Schmidt, M. Valldor, S. Oswald, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, S. Hampel
Chemical vapor growth and delamination of -RuCl3 nanosheets down to the monolayer limit
Nanoscale | Volume: 10 | Issue: 40 | P. 19014-19022 | URL

2018 - R. Ghunaim, C. Damm, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, M Mertig, S. Hampel
Fe1-xNix Alloy Nanoparticles Encapsulated Inside Carbon Nanotubes: Controlled Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties
Nanomaterials | Volume: 8 | Issue: 8 | P. 576/1-17 | URL

2018 - D. Wolf, R. Huebner, T. Niermann, S. Sturm, P. Prete, N. Lovergine, B. Büchner, A. Lubk
Three-Dimensional Composition and Electric Potential Mapping of III-V Core-Multishell Nanowires by Correlative STEM and Holographic Tomography
Nano Letters | Volume: 18 | Issue: 8 | P. 4777-4784 | URL

2018 - B. Trepka, P. Erler, S. Selzer, T. Kollek, K. Boldt, M. Fonin, U. Nowak, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, S. Polarz
Nanomorphology Effects in Semiconductors with Native Ferromagnetism: Hierarchical Europium (II) Oxide Tubes Prepared via a Topotactic Nanostructure Transition
Advanced Materials | Volume: 30 | Issue: 1 | P. 1703612/1-7 | URL

2018 - M. Zapf, M. Stuebinger, L. Jin, M. Kamp, F. Pfaff, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, M. Sing, R. Claessen
Domain matching epitaxy of BaBiO3 on SrTiO3 with structurally modified interface
Applied Physics Letters | Volume: 112 | Issue: 14 | P. 141601/1-5 | URL

2018 - P. Potapov, M. Meyer, A. Lubk, D. Pohl, J. Schultz, T.A.F. König, A. Fery
Surface Plasmon Modes in Long Chains of Au Nanoparticle
Microscopy and Microanalysis | Volume: 24 | Issue: S1 | P. 1748-1749 | URL

2018 - P. Potapov, P. Longo, A. Lubk
A Novel Method for Automatic Determination of the Number of Meaningful Components in the PCA Analysis of Spectrum-Images
Microscopy and Microanalysis | Volume: 24 | Issue: S1 | P. 572-573 | URL

2017 - J. Rusz, A. Lubk, J. Spiegelberg, D. Tyutyunnikov
Fully nonlocal inelastic scattering computations for spectroscopical transmission electron microscopy methods
Physical Review B | Volume: 96 | Issue: 24 | P. 245121/1-10 | URL

2017 - J. Krehl, A. Lubk
Rytov approximation in electron scattering
Physical Review B | Volume: 95 | Issue: 24 | P. 245106/1-7 | URL

2013 - F. Boerrnert, A. Bachmatiuk, S. Gorantla, D. Wolf, A. Lubk, B. Büchner, M.H. Ruemmeli
Retro-fitting an older (S)TEM with two Cs aberration correctors for 80 kV and 60 kV operation
Journal of Microscopy | Volume: 249 | Issue: 2 | P. 87-92 | URL

Invited Talks

2022 - A. Lubk, D. Wolf
Experimental observation of chiral magnetic textures by electron holography and tomography
PICO 2022 | HFZ Jülich
Jülich | Germany | 08.05.2022 - 12.05.2022

2022 - D. Wolf, A. Lubk
Three-dimensional nanoscale magnetic imaging by holographic vector-field electron tomography
757. WE Heraeus-Seminar Non‐Linear Magnetism | Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Bad Honnef | Germany | 05.01.2022 - 07.01.2022

2022 - A. Lubk
Extraction of information from big spectrum-image data: from multivariate statistical analysis to machine learning
UKRAPRO Workshop "Condensed matter science assisted by machine learning" | IFW Dresden
Dresden | Germany | 01.06.2022 - 01.06.2022

2022 - A. Lubk
Very low temperature TEM
Quantitative Electron Microscopy | CEMES (CNRS)
Toulouse | France | 08.05.2022 - 20.05.2022

2021 - D. Wolf, I.M. Andersen, L.A. Rodriguez, S. Schneider, A. Kovacs, B. Rellinghaus, A. Lubk
3DMapping of Magnetic Nanotextures with Nanometer Resolution Using Holographic Vector-Field Electron Tomography
IEEE INTERMAG Conference 2021
virtual | 26.04.2021 - 30.04.2021

2021 - D. Wolf, A. Lubk
Holographic vector-field electron tomography of magnetic nanostructures
2nd Sino-European Early Career Researchers Workshop on Emerging Techniques and Applications in Electron Microscopy
virtual | 07.12.2021 - 10.12.2021

2021 - A. Lubk, D. Wolf
Novel Developments in 2D and 3D Off-axis Electron Holography
Q-SORT International Conference on “Science and applications of coherent electron beam manipulation” | Q-SORT Consortium
virtual | 01.09.2021 - 03.09.2021

2020 - D. Wolf, S. Schneider, B. Rellinghaus, M. Schmidt, A. Kovacs, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski, A. Lubk
Revealing the 3D magnetic texture of Bloch-Skyrmions in FeGe using TEM holography and tomography
2nd Skyrmion Meeting Dresden | Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids Dresden
Dresden | Germany | 28.02.2020 - 28.02.2020

2019 - A. Lubk
Electron spectroscopy and microscopies, Electron holography
European School of Magnetism 2019 | Brno University of Technology
Brno | Czech Republic | 10.09.2019 - 11.09.2019

2019 - A. Lubk
Inelastic Momentum Transfer in DPC
TEMSpec-4th International Workshop on TEM Spectroscopy in Materials Science | University of Uppsala
Uppsala | Sweden | 17.06.2019 - 19.06.2019

2019 - A. Lubk
Inelastic momentum transfer measurement of high energy electrons at surface plasmon resonances
PICO 2019, Frontiers of aberration corrected electron microscopy | Kasteel Vaalsbroek
Vaals | The Netherlands | 06.05.2019 - 10.05.2019

2019 - A. Lubk, D. Wolf, P. Potapov, J. Krehl, J. Schultz, F. Kern
Advanced Methods of Electron Microscopy 
Workshop BAM – IFW Dresden | IFW Dresden
Dresden | Germany | 28.03.2019 - 29.03.2019

2019 - A. Lubk
Transmission Electron Microscopy - From quantum states to 3D electromagnetic fields and back
IPF Lecture Series | Helmholtz Institut
Dresden | Germany | 28.11.2019

2019 - A. Lubk, D. Wolf
3D reconstruction of magnetic fields at the nanoscale
Europäischer HITACHI-TEM-Workshop | Fraunhofer IMWS
Halle | Germany | 09.07.2019

2019 - A. Lubk, D. Wolf
3D reconstruction of magnetic textures in nano-magnets by electron holographic tomography
CurvMag Workshop 2019 | Kiev University
Kiev | Ukraine | 22.05.2019 - 25.05.2019

2019 - H. Lichte, A. Lubk, D. Wolf
Holographic Vector Field Electron Tomography
Germany-Japan Joint Seminar on Advanced Electron Microscopy and its Application
Nagoya | Japan | 16.06.2019 - 19.06.2019

2019 - A. Lubk
Electron Spectroscopy and Microanalysis, Electron Holography
European School of Magnetism 2019 | Brno University of Technology
Brno | Czech Republic | 10.09.2019 - 11.09.2019

2018 - B. Rellinghaus, D. Pohl, S. Schneider, D. Wolf, A. Lubk
Quantitiative Mapping of Spin Textures in the transmission electron microscope
International Workshop on ''Future Perspectives on Novel Magnetic Materials'', Santorini Island/ Greece, 29.5.-3.6.18

2018 - A. Lubk
Phase Space Tomography - Unified Perspective on Focal Series, TIE and Off-axis Holography
Holography Workshop | Seehotel Zeuthen
Berlin | Germany | 26.06.2018 - 28.06.2018

2018 - S. Schneider, D. Wolf, M.J. Stolt, S. Jin, D. Pohl, B. Rellinghaus, M. Schmidt, D. Negi, J. Rusz, B. Büchner, S.T.B. Goennenwein, K. Nielsch, A. Lubk
Quantitative Mapping of the Skyrmion Spin Texture in FeGe
''Spins, waves and Interactions'' seminar, Greifswald/ Germany , 28.-30.8.18

2018 - D. Wolf, C. Gatel, S. Sturm, J. Krehl, E. Snoeck, A. Lubk
Magnetic Configurations in Three-Dimensional Nanomagnets Explored by Electron Holographic Tomography
Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018 Meeting | Baltimore Conference Center
Baltimore, MD | USA | 05.08.2018 - 09.08.2018

2017 - B. Rellinghaus, S. Schneider, A. Lubk, K. Nielsch, D. Pohl
Magnetic characterization of nanoscopic materials in a TEM - Prospects and limitations
2nd Sino-German Symposium on Advanced Electron Microscopy an Spectroscopy of Materials, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong/ China, 13.-15.10.17

2017 - A. Lubk
Advanced Holographic Tomography for 3D Magnetic Imaging in Magnetic Textures
Interregio Seminar, Universität Augsburg, 21.-22.11.17

2017 - A. Lubk, F. Roeder
Quantum state reconstruction using a Transmission Electron Microscope, Frontiers of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science
International Conference (FEMMS) 2017, Johannesburg/ South Afrika, 10.-15.9.17

2017 - A. Lubk, D. Wolf, J. Krehl, S. Sturm, F. Seifert, F. Kern
Advanced Holographic Tomographie for Nanoscale Materials
Third Salve Symposium at Ulm University, Ulm/ Germany, 11-14.12.17

2017 - S. Schneider, D. Pohl, S. Loeffler, P. Schattschneider, M. Schmidt, D. Kasinathan, J. Rusz, T. Gemming, A. Lubk, D. Wolf, U. Rößler, M.J. Stolt, S. Jin, L. Schultz, K. Nielsch, S. Goennenwein, B. Rellinghaus
Quantitative magnetic characterization in the TEM
Seminar Song Jin Group, Madison, WI/ USA, 3.8.17

2017 - A. Lubk
Advanced Holographic Tomographie for Nanoscale Materials
SFB Seminar, Universität Konstanz/ Germany, 10.-12.5.17

2017 - A. Lubk
Quantitative Coherent Imaging
Summer School on Quantitative Electron Microscopy 2017/ York/ UK, 22.5.-2.6.17