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Name Hebenstreit, Franziska
Phone Number +49-351-4659-479
Email f.hebenstreit(at)ifw-dresden.de

Journal Papers

A.I. Egunov, Z. Dou, D.D. Karnaushenko, F. Hebenstreit, N. Kretschmann, K. Akgün, T. Ziemssen, D. Karnaushenko, M. Medina Sanchez, O.G. Schmidt
Impedimetric Microfluidic Sensor-in-a-Tube for Label-Free Immune Cell Analysis
Small 17, 2002549/1-14 (2021) URL

R. Herzer, A. Gebert, U. Hempel, F. Hebenstreit, S. Oswald, C. Damm, O.G. Schmidt, M. Medina Sanchez
Rolled‐Up Metal Oxide Microscaffolds to Study Early Bone Formation at Single Cell Resolution
Small 17, 2005527/1-12 (2021) URL

L. Schwarz, D. Karnaushenko, F. Hebenstreit, R. Naumann, O.G. Schmidt, M. Medina Sanchez
A Rotating Spiral Micromotor for Noninvasive Zygote Transfer
Advanced Science 7, 2000843/1-14 (2020) URL

H. Xu, M. Medina Sanchez, V. Magdanz, L. Schwarz, F. Hebenstreit, O.G. Schmidt
Sperm-Hybrid Micromotor for Targeted Drug Delivery
ACS Nano 12, 327-337 (2018) URL

V. Magdanz, M. Guix, F. Hebenstreit, O.G. Schmidt
Dynamic Polymeric Microtubes for the Remote-Controlled Capture, Guidance, and Release of Sperm Cells
Advanced Materials 28, 4084-4089 (2016) URL

M. Medina Sanchez, L. Schwarz, A.K. Meyer, F. Hebenstreit, O.G. Schmidt
Cellular Cargo Delivery: Toward Assisted Fertilization by Sperm-Carrying Micromotors
Nano Letters 16, 555-561 (2016) URL