Acoustic Microsystems

The research team Acoustic Microsystems understands itself as a reliable scientific partner for the realization and analysis of next generation microacoustic devices for various fields of applications. Our R&D is strongly oriented towards lab demonstrator development, device validation in real-world environments, and technology transfer towards industry. However, to understand the governing effects on the micro- and nanoscale and to make them practically usable, we also carry out selected fundamental investigations. Furthermore, in the field of high frequency acoustic waves our group complements perfectly with the Research Team Surface Dynamics.

Our R&D approach allows us to address the complete technology chain of acoustic microsystems, comprising their CAD based design, the realization of advanced thin film systems incorporating multilayer and gradient films together with functional barrier layers, unconventional lithographic techniques for on-chip microstructure integration together with acoustic transducer structures, and the realization of easy-to-use microacoustic demonstrators. This approach is accompanied by dedicated analytical methods for e.g. film morphology (changes) and film stress evolution, device and film geometry, particle behavior in microfluidic structures under acoustic excitation and aerosol investigation, as well as analytical and numerical investigation of physical effects governing the device behavior, e.g. acoustic resonance effects and stress-associated device deterioration.

The research team Acoustic Microsystems is a core part of SAWLab Saxony - the scientific network for acoustoelectronics! At SAWLab Saxony, we are looking forward to contribute to the success of YOUR technology.

Research interests

  • Substrate surface modification and functional film design combined with unconventional lithography techniques for next-generation acoustic microsystems
  • Interaction of acoustic wave fields with fluids, particles and microstructures
  • Cointegration of microfluidic, electric and acoustic components in hybrid Lab-on-a-Chip devices
  • Emerging microacoustic applications, including acoustically-driven microfluidics for new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, wireless high-temperature sensing, aerosol generation, (bio-)printing and acoustic deicing of surfaces
  • Applications: Blood-Plasma Separation for Liquid Biopsy (CleanPlasma)
  • Applications: Aerosol generation for Mass-Spectrometry


Group Leader: Dr. Andreas Winkler

Phone: +49 351 4659 575



The group Acoustic Microsystems is in possession or has - in close collaboration with other IFW groups in the fields of microstructuring technology and thin film analytics - direct access to all equipment needed for the work on acoustic-wave based devices in all stations of their development.

  • Equipment and software for chip design, lithography preparation and analysis
  • FEM infrastructure (Comsol Multiphysics) in fast standalone machines and access to computation cluster
  • Specific deposition equipment (CARMEN and SIGGI) for the deposition of complex thin films on piezo- and pyroelectric substrates for magnetron sputtering and e-beam evaporation, including in-situ measurement technology
  • (Access to) rapid prototyping laser and electron beam lithography (Heidelberg Instruments MLA100, µPG 101, EBL Voyager)
  • Custom ovens for thermal treatment of samples up to 1000°C under different atmospheric conditions (vacuum, inert gas, forming gas) as well as for sensor interrogation
  • Dedicated tools for acoustically driven microfluidics (e.g. syringe pumps (Cetoni neMESYS), pressure pumps (Fluigent LineUP, Bartels mp6), valves, flow sensors, dedicated RF signal sources
  • 3D super inkjet printer (SIJ S050), fluid dispenser and contact angle measurement setup
  • Dispersion analyzer (Lumisizer) and aerosol spectrometer (WELAS)
  • Wafer prober station (MPI TS 150) equipped with vector network analyzer (Keysight E5080B ENA), heatable stage and rf/dc probes
  • Digital optical microscope (Keyence VHX 7000) and high-speed camera (Ametek VEO 410)
  • X-Ray fluorescence analysis (Fischerscope XUV773)
  • Mechanical Surface profilometry (Bruker Dektak XT)
  • Custom high-temperature, UHV 2D film stress-measurement system (ANNE)
  • Equipment for electrical (RF and DC) device parameters measurement, e.g. resistivity / sheet resistance and S-Parameters, up to high temperatures and in inert atmosphere