Cryogenic Measurement Lab

In the cryogenic measurement laboratory we perform electric transport and thermoelectric transport measurements at low temperatures and with applied magnetic field. Our cryostats reach temperatures as low as 0.4 K and magnetic fields up to 14 T. Our measurements cover a broad spectrum of solid state samples including bulk materials, thin films and multilayers, individual nanowires and micro-ribbons, with a variety of chemical characteristics (e.g. metallic, ceramic, organic, metal-organic or composites). It is a open lab for scientist inside the IFW. Ready to use general purpose experimental setups are available to be operated independently by the users. Users with non-standard measurement needs can profit from the capabilities for custom setups and programming offered by the lab.


  • Dynacool cryostat with 9 T magnet
  • Dynacool cryostat with 14 T magnet
  • Versalab cryostat with 3 T magnet
  • PPMS cryostat with14 T magnet
  • PPMS cryostats with 9 T magnet
  • Electrical transport
  • Thermal and thermoelectric transport
  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometers
  • Heat Capacity
  • He3 Inserts for lowest temperatures of 0.4 K
  • Sample rotation inserts
  • GPIB, serial COM and USB communication interfaces
  • LabView, Visual Basic and Python programming interfaces
  • Speciality instrument racks and inserts

Scientist in Charge

Dr. Nicolás Perez Rodriguez

Room A 3E.07
Phone: +49 351 4659 833