Nanopowder Lab

The Nanopowder Lab was recently installed for the chemical synthesis of semiconducting  nanoparticles under inert atmosphere, for the surface modification of these nanoparticles at the atomic scale and for the compaction to nanograined composited materials with oxide-free interfaces by spark plasma sintering. This facility will be extended for the integration of nanoparticles into MEMS devices for high temperature applications.


    • Glovebox-Cluster with integrated:
      • AGUS SPS-210Gx (20kN, 2500°C)
      • Specac manual hydraulic hot press (150kN, 300°C)
      • Leica M60 microscope
      • MTI GSL 1100X Tube furnace (1100°C, Ar, forming gas, vacuum)
      • Mettler Toledo XSR105 analytical balance
    • Schlenk line
    • Fisherbrand Model 705 Sonic Dismembrator (Fisher Scientific)
    • Beckman Coulter Allegra 64R high speed centrifuge


    Dr. Sebastian Lehmann

    Room: D 1E.13
    Phone: +49 351 4659 847