TE characterization

We perform full thermoelectric (TE) characterization for materials and devices. The following measurement can be realized in the TE characterization lab

  • Measurement of thermal diffusivity, specific heat, and thermal conductivity from room temperature up to 1000 oC.
  • Measurement of electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient from -100 oC up to 1000 oC.
  • Cooling performance characterization of Peltier devices using thermo-reflectance microscope for temperature monitor.
  • Measurement of Heat-to-power conversion efficiency for TE power generators from room temperature up to 550 oC.
  • Potential-Seebeck Microprobe (PSM) scanning for measuring the surface distribution of Seebeck coefficient and contact resistance

The lab is open for IFW employees upon request. Regular users can operate the devices independently after completing the instructions.


Scientist in Charge

Dr. Ran He

Department Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
Room A3E.08
Phone: +49 351 4659 337