JEOL JAMP 9500F Scanning Auger Microprobe


  • automatic UHV vacuum system, pressure typical 5*10-7 Pa
  • fast sample transfer (5 min)
  • automated sample stage with probe tracking function

Excitation Source

  • Field emission electron gun, ~20 nm min. spot size for Auger analysis, 3…30 keV primary energy
  • 1 pA... 200 nA electron current, typical for Auger analysis: 10keV, 10 nA

Detection System

  • hemispherical analyser energy range 0…2500 eV
  • CRR mode: retarding ratio = 0.32 (normal mode) ... 0.02 (high resolution)
  • constant pass energy mode (CAE) for XPS analysis
  • 7 channel detector with open channeltrons
  • secondary electron detector with scintillator system

Sputtering System

  • differentially pumped ion gun 500…3000 eV (sputter gas: mainly Ar)
  • low energy ion production for charge neutralization possible
  • (compucentric) sample rotation to minimize ion beam induced roughening during sputtering

Additional Capabilities:

  • in-situ impact fracture stage for analysis of grain boundaries and other internal surfaces
  • EDX system QUANTAX 400 for quantitative micro analysis
  • transfer chamber for sample transport in noble gas atmosphere from glove-box
  • X-ray source (SPECS Al- Mg-anode, non monochromatic) for XPS analysis, local spatial resolution in 2-mm-range by use of a collimator

Software for analysis in electron spectroscopy

  • PHI MultiPak®: software for evaluation AES spectra and maps (Physical Electronics)
  • pca_men: Matlab® based package of routines for factor analysis of electron spectra (IFW)
    Download of a manual is possible here (hitherto German version only: Handbuch Deutsch).
  • pca_image: Matlab® based package of routines for factor analysis of elemental maps (IFW)
The JEOL JAMP 9500F AES Microprobe
Schematic of an Auger Microprobe