Institute for Complex Materials

The IKM focuses on the exploration, development and optimization of complex materials. Researchers at the IKM work on developing new materials with integrated function/s at the nano- and micrometer scale which lead to tailored properties depending on their structure and choice of material. New materials, for example, nanostructured materials, metallic glasses or metallic alloys offer exciting bespoke properties. Such materials with new functionality are an essential component of future solutions for the medical sector, communication technology and, traffic- and power engineering.

To this end, international and interdisciplinary teams of engineers, physicists and chemists at the IKM analyze relevant structure formation processes, conduct research on innovative energy storage solutions and surface acoustic waves (SAW) technology among various other technologies. Aside from highly experienced scientists, the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and intense cooperation with our neighbors at the Technical University Dresden allow IKM researchers to find solutions for complex issues in basic science of relevance for modern day applications.

While many challenges arise in the process going from basic research to real applications, here at the IKM all aspects of the process are met.

(Photos: *Jürgen Jeibmann, **IFW-Intern)

Acting Director:

Dr. Thomas Gemming

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Brit Präßler-Wüstling

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