Lecturers: Prof. Dr. B. Büchner, Dr. H.-J. Grafe, Dr. D. Efremov, Dr. S. Aswartham

Mon 11.10-12.40, IFW D2E.27

Registration by email: superconductivity2(at)ifw-dresden.de


1. Novel materials (Fe-pnictides, cuprates),

2. Modern experimental probes (angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, tunneling spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance)

3. Unconventional Superconductivity (d-wave symmetry of the order parameter, s+- superconducting energy gap)

 Lecturers: Prof. Dr. B. Büchner, Dr. S. Wurmehl, Dr. J. Dufouleur, Dr. T. Mühl, Dr. L. Corredor Bohorquez

Mon 16.40-18.10, IFW D2E.27

Lecturer: Dr. A. Charnukha

Wed 16.40-18.10, IFW Dresden, Raum D2E.27


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. M. Knupfer

Thu: 14:00 - 15:30, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, online (Registration via OPAL required)
For students of "Angewandte Naturwissenschaft", "Nanotechnologie" und "Advanced Materials Analysis".