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ERC Consolidator Grant for Yana Vaynzof

The project “Engineering Metal Halide Pervskites by Vapour Deposition PEROVAP” is selected for funding of 2 million euros.

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant to Professor Yana Vaynzof of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden and the Technical University of Dresden. The funding of 2 million euros will enable the scientist to advance research in her project PEROVAP during the next five years.

Semiconducting materials have revolutionized our lives as their integration into electronic and optoelectronic devices facilitated the development of numerous technological advances. The majority of these devices are based on materials such as silicon and gallium arsenide, the properties of which are well understood and which are gradually reaching the limits of their performance. Future generations of electronic and optoelectronic devices will depend on the development of novel semiconductor materials with new properties and applications.

Yana Vaynzof and her team are exploring such novel semiconductors, which vary widely in their structure, dimensionality, and degree of order. Their expertise ranges from inorganic quantum dot materials to polycrystalline hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites to highly disordered soft organic systems. In the project PEROVAP, Prof. Vaynzof and her team will focus on the development of novel material engineering strategies for manipulating the properties of metal halide perovskites. While most efforts in this topic are dedicated to perovskites processed from solution, Yana Vaynzof will utilize vapour deposition – a scalable method of high industrial relevance. The newly engineered materials will be studied by advanced spectroscopic methods, including those previously developed by Prof. Vaynzof in her ERC Starting Grant ENERGYMAPS. The results of PEROVAP will open the path to new material properties and facilitate a rapid integration of perovskite-based electronics and optoelectronics into industrial applications.

IFW scientists are particularly successful in the competition for the prestigious ERC grants. So far, five ERC Starting Grants, two ERC Advanced Grants and now the forth ERC Consolidator Grant have been granted to IFW scientists. It is particularly positive that three of the 11 ERC grants at the IFW have now been raised by female scientists.

About the ERC: The European Research Council is a European funding organization for basic, visionary research. The scientific excellence is the decisive criterion. The ERC Consolidator Grant promotes excellent scientists in consolidating their own independent research group with up to € 2 million over a five-year period.

Scientific Contact
Prof. Dr. Yana Vaynzof
Phone: (+49) 351 4659 800

Patricia Bäuchler
Phone: (+49) 351 4659 249