achitecture of IFW, skyway in the courtyard

The story of reindeer-wafer dualism in the nano-snow

Science behind season greetings

At first glance, the IFW Christmas card shows a shiny gold reindeer on a snowy night. The second glance at the reindeer reveals the surface of a piezoelectric single-crystal wafer. The structures on the very thin metallic layer represent the know-how for acoustoelectronic components of the SAWLab Saxony at IFW Dresden. The electrode structures are designed to convert electrical signals into acoustic waves that propagate along the surface of the material. Special design of materials and structures as well as choice of various parameters qualify them for application in numerous acoustoelectronic devices and sensors. The SAWLab Saxony at IFW Dresden is engaged in research and development of new materials and applications of this technology. Further information can be found on the website there:

Even the snow is not just what it seems. Rather, it is a scanning electron micrograph of carbon nanotubes at 28,000x magnification. These are filled with tin and are visible as white lines and dots within the carbon nanotubes. The image is taken from the publication: M. Grönke, M. Gellesch, S. Wurmehl B. Büchner M. Mertig und S. Hampel “Tailored nanoparticles and wires of Sn, Ge and Pb inside carbon nanotubes”,  Carbon, 101 (2016)

We wish you a Merry Christmas and enlightening holidays.