The ALD Lab focuses on the fabrication of various kinds of thin films and heterostructures. The laboratory features a sputter deposition system as well as different thermal and plasma Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) tools. A glovebox cluster enables the sample transfer between the sputtering machine and the ALD chamber under an inert gas atmosphere. This enables the fabrication of layer stacks combining the strengths of ALD and sputtering while simultaneously preventing oxidation of the individual layers. Therefore, the glovebox cluster permits a wide variety of applications including e.g. the deposition of tunneling stacks or sophisticated heterostructure. We often use the fabricated thin films and heterostructures for transport experiments as well as for thermoelectric and other nanostructured devices. Furthermore, the ALD laboratory hosts a 2- and a 3-zone furnace as well as a rapid thermal annealing machine with different working gases which allows for various heat treatments of the samples.


  • Gloveboxcluster consisting of four gloveboxes (M-Braun)
  • 2x thermal ALD reactors (Arradiance)
  • Plasma ALD reactor (Arradiance)
  • Sputter deposition machine (Bestec) with 3 DC sources and 1 RF source
  • Precursor glovebox incl. freezer (MBraun)
  • 2-Zone-Furnace
  • 3-Zone-Furnace
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing machine
  • Ellipsometer (Film Sense)
  • NanoFrazor thermal lithography tool

Scientist in Charge

PD Dr. Andy Thomas

Research Group "Quantum Materials and Devices"
Room A 3E.03